Achieve high performance,
transformation and innovation


As IBM Business Partner, Covalense is an early adopter of IBM cloud and integration technologies. We help our clients to develop applications on the Cloud or interconnect business processes across on premise and Cloud systems in a secure way.

Our expertise is in architecting, designing and implementing integrated solutions leveraging IBM Cast Iron, WebSphere and cloud based applications using IBM SoftLayer and IBM Bluemix ecosystem.


  • Integrated cloud solutions to the enterprise and SMB markets
  • Support businesses in leveraging secured and scalable IBM's middleware and SaaS solutions
  • Offers flexibility in service delivery by enabling on-premise, syndicated, and hybrid solutions
  • Integrate cloud and on-premises applications using multi-tenant IBM Cast Iron
  • Provide cloud-based services with greater efficiency (such as IBM SoftLayer and other 3rd party services)
  • Integrate Salesforce through WebSphere Cast Iron cloud integration
  • Development of open standards and open source middleware for on and off premise business applications
  • Connect to large ecosystems of proven application providers
  • Automate the operations and business functions required to support cloud services delivery

Areas of Expertise

IBM SoftLayer®

  • Develop applications and run production-ready workloads using SoftLayer IaaS.
  • Undertake managed services for critical enterprise workloads.
  • Support migration, hybrid workloads, and new deployment activity covering IBM products, e-Commerce, Portals, Mobile, Social, Big Data
  • Environment, Deployment & Topology planning
  • Installation and automated workload deployment and performance tuning
  • Migration services for existing workloads
  • Expert troubleshooting of production issues

IBM Bluemix®

  • Development of POC using Bluemix ecosystem
  • Build secured open cloud development platforms for cloud based business applications
  • Development of high performance API Gateways with ESB capabilities
  • Design flexible analytics platforms with dashboards
  • Develop web-scale, distributed and decoupled applications that are composed of microservices

IBM Cast Iron®

  • Integrate cloud and on-premise applications in SaaS and cloud models.
  • Accelerated near real time integration adopting graphical configuration
  • Data cleansing, data synchronization, workflow, migration and transformation across multiple applications.
  • Integrate and display information from disparate sources using mash-up capabilities
  • Support mobile applications by harnessing data across organisations